Oil, Tar Assessments Continue in Shoreline Areas

09-10-2021 16:30:00

San Diego region beach visitors may have seen Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Teams working Saturday in protective suits to assess for oil or tar balls washing up on beaches. The teams will assess if additional protective measures or resources are needed. Beaches continue to remain open as no public health risk has been determined. People are being reminded again to please not touch, pick up or try to clean any tar balls they may find. The tar balls are a hazardous material and can cause skin irritation. If you accidentally handle a tar ball, wash your hands using regular skin-safe soaps. Do not use degreasers or cleaning solutions that may cause more harm. Contact your primary care doctor if a significant reaction or rash appears. Report any tar or oil substance on the beaches to tarballreports@wildlife. ca. gov and include photographs, time, date and location where it was found including GPS coordinates, if you have them. Include a description, estimated quantity and contact information for follow-up. For the latest updates on the Orange County oil spill, visit https://socalspillresponse. com/ . To report oiled wildlife, call 1-877-823-6926. For the latest emergency updates in English and Spanish, visit www. sdcountyemergency. com , and download the SD Emergency app .