UPDATE 16: Oil spill cleanup progresses in both Orange and San Diego Counties

18-10-2021 17:19:00

Cleanup efforts and shoreline assessments continue in both Orange and San Diego counties. Crews worked throughout the weekend to remove remaining tar balls and assess beaches for further treatment. Workers removed all boom in Orange and San Diego counties with the exception of Talbert Marsh. All public beaches in Orange County and San Diego County are open.The amount of tar balls continue to decline and segments of beach are recommended for no further clean-up activities, said Capt. Rebecca Ore, federal on-scene coordinator for the response. The Oiled Wildlife Care Network, in cooperation with the UC, released 10 animals after proper cleaning and rehabilitation. Onshore seafood sampling has been conducted and offshore testing is expected to start on October 24. Data collected and subsequent analysis of those samples will be used to evaluate seafood safety for fisheries in the areas affected by the Southern California spill. The Director of Californias Department of Fish and Wildlife will reopen them upon recommendation by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, said Lt. Christian Corbo, state on-scene coordinator for the response. Boat decontamination sites in Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Newport Beach continue to operate. For more information or to report located tar balls, visit www. SoCalSpillResponse. com/tarballs . To report oiled wildlife, call 1-877-823-6926. For updates on the fisheries closures, visit www. SoCalSpillResponse. com/fisheries-closure . The investigation regarding the cause of the spill continues. A recent press release issued October 16, 2021 can be found here: https://content. govdelivery. com/accounts/USDHSCG/bulletins/2f7d652