Valley Fire Update: Evacuation Orders Reduced to Warnings for Some Valley Fire Areas

9/9/2020 7:22:00 PM PST

Evacuation orders have been lowered to evacuation warnings in some portions of the Valley Fire areas.
The areas affected are Corte Madera Ranch; Barrett Dam; all areas accessible from Lawson Valley Road to the east with the exception of Forest Park Road; and the north side of Japatul Road between Sycuan Truck Trail and Hidden Glen Road.
People who have evacuated may return to those areas with proof of residency. The Cleveland National Forest will remain closed under an Emergency Forest Closure Order (as described in Regional Order No. 20-07) to protect natural resources and provide for the safety of the public and firefighters. The Cleveland National Forest closure will remain in effect until conditions improve enough for visitors to the national forest can recreate safely.
An Evacuation Order means there is an immediate threat and people should leave the affected area immediately.
An Evacuation Warning is issued when the threat is plausible for fire activity to increase, and your residence may be in the affected area.
People should be aware that there may be traffic-flow interruptions due to fire crews and utility workers still operating in the area.
Residents in the areas affected by the Valley Fire can call 2-1-1 for non-emergency fire information such as Evacuation Orders, shelters and road closures.
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